Disney : Tara Duncan – Clairvoyant (Episode 15 Full in English) (Video)

Disney : Tara Duncan – Clairvoyant (Episode 15 Full in English) (Video)

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Claire, a Nonspell, turns up unannounced at the Manor and quickly becomes fast friends with Tara. But when Chem and Isabella discover she has magic powers and decide to send her to OtherWorld against her will, Tara decides to take matters into her own hands… and finds herself mixed up in an unexpected adventure!

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Tara Duncan Characters:

β€’ Tara Duncan (voiced by Saffron Henderson) is the main character of the series. She’s a 17-year-old Spellbinder and the commander of the Alpha Team. She has blonde hair with a pale highlight, and her familiar is a pegasus named Gallant.

β€’ Sparrow (voiced by Kelly Metzger) is Tara’s best friend and animal-loving teammate on the Alpha Team. Her real name is Gloria Daavil and is dating a local Nonspell named Edward. She has dark brown hair and her familiar is a white panther named Sheeba.

β€’Cal (voiced by Matt Hill) is the final member of the Alpha Team. His full name is Caliban Dal Salan and he was born to a family of Master Thieves. He owns a video store and is super flirtatious. He has spiky black hair and his familiar is a red fox named Blondin.

β€’ Isabella Duncan is Tara’s strict grandmother. She is very passionate about Tara focusing on school and studying her spellbinding, and she has a weird romantic relationship with Tara’s literature professor, Mr. Spade.

β€’ Master Chem is the leader and assistant to the Alpha and Beta teams. His full name is Chemnashaovirodaintrachivu and he’s the guardian of the portal between Earth and Otherworld.

β€’ Manitou is Tara’s great-grandfather who accidentally turned himself into a dog permanently.

β€’ Robin M`angil is the commander of the Beta Team. He’s a half-elf and likes to use an enchanted bow and arrow along with his magic.

β€’ Fabrice Besois-Giron (voiced by Andrew Francis) is the half-wolf member of the Beta Team. He and Tara refer to each other as brother and sister and he’s very close with his team members.

β€’ Fafnir Forgeafeux is the dwarfic member of the Beta Team. She’s very hotheaded and hates using magic, which leads to her getting into arguments with her teammates often.

β€’ Sandra Leylocke (voiced by Maryke Hendrikse) is a Nonspell that goes to school with Tara. Despite considering themselves enemies, Tara and Sandra spend a lot of time together.

β€’ Livia is a Nonspell and Sandra’s best friend/lackey. She’s a petite blonde with big glasses who has a major crush on Cal.

β€’ Edward is a Nonspell that loves horror movies and werewolves. He and Sparrow are dating on-and-off throughout the series.

β€’ The Cryista Brothers are two Nonspells are Tara’s school named Jeremy and Jordan. People often refer to them as “The Twins” instead of by their real names.

β€’ Henry Delachasse is a Nonspell villain who is a crytozoologist bent on capturing some sort of magical creature and revealing their existence to the human world.

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