Disney : Voice of the Tempest | Critical Role RPG Episode 90 (Video)

Disney : Voice of the Tempest | Critical Role RPG Episode 90 (Video)

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Trending : Voice of the Tempest | Critical Role RPG Episode 90 (Video)

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Vox Machina make their way to the home of the Air Ashari for the coronation of Keyleth!
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  1. Topics Matt considered creating the campain:
    Cityplanning (Emon had a friggin MAP! well… might have become worthless by now)
    Different Govermental forms
    cultural individualism (Traditions etc.)
    Linguistic – also all the different dialects

    He's awesome.

    Edit: I know, I'm missing some parts. tell me what I missed.

  2. Language is a skill, thus knowledge of a native language is included. Just like how animal shape allows speech with a specific animal race.

    Also a 9 Hells of Baator campaign is one of my ultimate fantasy character runs. My true passion is starting a lvl 1 wizard and setting out on the road to Lichdom. Possibly Dracolich, due to centuries of maintaining dragon polymorph, and bribing a DM pre game.

  3. 0:00 "Nice try motherfuckers"
    1:46 Sam's Fanart
    11:23 Trinket's "Upgrades"
    21:00 the domesticity of this moment kills me
    25:03 Shayne!
    30:50 Natibe's fate (he literally never appeared on steam im dead)
    3:49 Grog's reaction is the best
    40:04 Percy wants to show his LADY OFF
    40:29 #nopantsnovember
    41:42 Vax'leth is good stuff my dudes
    42:44 Travis and the fly
    43:23 But Perc'ahlia's some good shit too 😛
    1:33:51 Vax's secret
    2:56:34 Percy's personal devils advocate (+ the immediate "yes". BROTHERS)
    2:57:50 MAKE IT STOP SAM
    3:00:47 BROTHERS
    3:05:52 Abrupt Percy is one of my favorite Percys
    3:0:47 Drunk VM is always a good time
    3:08:23 Travis' ADD can't keep up
    3:12:30 a menace
    3:14:20 "I'm really strong these days"
    3:21:40 Resolution
    3:24:17 Tary's fight song
    3:26:42 Hydra fly
    3:31:45 Cute twins
    3:38:48 Grog finds a reason to like kids
    3:41:53 Vax can clearly appreciate supportive fathers when he sees one
    3:50:29 End of a Journey

  4. It makes the stakes SO much less interesting knowing that there's a strong chance of Resurrection for anybody in the core group who dies. I wish they let characters go more often. It'd be a good thing for the group too, as they'd have to RP the reaction and fallout emotionally and otherwise.

  5. It was funny how Keyleth almost forgot to thank Vox Machina in her speech. Or that they came as an afterthought. No mention of Tiberius either. Also mentioned every place other than Westrun.

  6. Anyone else…? That "bruise" on Vax's chest … is in the same place as the string of fate She was holding him by. So it just shows the very real, physical nature of that thread.

  7. Why is the Raven Queen district all gloom & doom? It should really be more like the party district. Worshipping the Raven Queen means accepting death with open arms, & that means living life fully enough to leave it with as little regrets as possible. So, the people there should reflect that, being energetic, ambitious, party folk.

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