Trending : Sapphire and Diamond Ring – 35186v (Video)

Trending : Sapphire and Diamond Ring – 35186v (Video Preview)

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  • Subject : Fine Estate Jewelry
  • Categories : Fine Jewelry Inspiration
  • Artist : 66mint Fine Estate Jewelry
  • Video Duration : 00:00:16
  • Video Views : 3
  • Publication Date : 2017-04-17 17:08:16
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Trending : Sapphire and Diamond Ring - 35186v (Video)

Did you Know ? The lure of diamonds as an ideal repository of illicit wealth for the unscrupulous has lead to wars that have raged in many diamond producing countries of the world, resulting in massive level of human suffering. While diamond mines themselves are fought over, it is the gems which often become the cause of, and the fuel for, wars because they are such high value commodities which were, until now, easily smuggled and traded into legitimate diamond market.

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