Jewelry Box : Acrylic Jewelry Box | DIY Laser Project (Video)

Jewelry Box : Acrylic Jewelry Box | DIY Laser Project (Video)

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Trending : Acrylic Jewelry Box | DIY Laser Project (Video)

In this tutorial we’re making a jewelry box made from our TroGlass mirrored acrylic. We’re using a Speedy 360 flexx laser cutter to get this job done.

First step is to get a wooden box from a local arts supplies store. We then spray paint it, let it dry and measure all of its dimensions. Then we laser cut the mirrored acrylic accordingly and glue it to the back.

We’ve done 2 different techniques on the covers. Our gold mirrored acrylic is engraved with our fiber laser, while our silver mirrored acrylic is laser cut and inlayed with our other TroGlass acrylic color with a contour of 0.005″.

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Laser: Trotec Speedy 360 flexx (CO2 and fiber) – 80w
CO2 Engraving: 65 power, 100 speed, -0,12 z-offset
Fiber Engraving: 40 power, 100 speed
CO2 Cutting: 100 power, 0,8 speed

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