Jewelry Box : How To Make A Jewelry Box | Woodworking How-to (Video)

Jewelry Box : How To Make A Jewelry Box | Woodworking How-to (Video)

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  • Subject : Make a Jewelry Box
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  • Author : John Malecki
  • Video Duration : 14:39
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  • Publication Date : 2019-02-15 13:07:15
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Trending : How To Make A Jewelry Box | Woodworking How-to (Video)

In this video I take an old TV stand a client sent back to me, and turn it into a beautiful jewelry box for my girlfriends 30th birthday. I use Wenge wood , which is awful, and white oak to make the hand cut half blind dovetail drawers. I use a router to make all the slides, and I take a hunk of solid brass and use basic woodworking tools to make custom drawer pulls.
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  1. Sorry to be that guy, but wenge dust is really nasty, at least put on a dust mask! I’m a bit loose on safety gear too, but that stuff will kill you! Nice job though, all the best

  2. John,

    I have made multiple gift for my wife in my journey as a woodworker. Isn't it great to see the reaction?

    Beautiful craftsmanship in this project, and wenge itself is awesome.

    Nice work.

  3. Dude, that is gorgeous. And, you made your hunny happy. And you "Reclaimed" good wood from a South bound project. Win, Win, Win, Win, Win. Just awesome, my friend.

  4. That turned out awesome. When you were doing the first bit of routering I was thinking β€œ dude you really got to get Makita’s cordless router” but then you bust that out later on. I have one and absolutely love it.

  5. Great work all around! Really loved the simple design of the drawer pulls. At first I thought you would drill and screw them in. The angled design is so much cleaner. Might have to borrow that one. Congrats on the engagement!!

  6. Great vid John! Do you have a link to which podcast you talk about the unhappy customer and having to eat that project? That's definitely one of my own fears and I'm interested to hear how that played out. Thanks!

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