Jewelry Box : Jewellery Box made from pallet wood (part 1 of 3) (Video)

Jewelry Box : Jewellery Box made from pallet wood (part 1 of 3) (Video)

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  • Subject : Make a Jewelry Box
  • Categories : Jewelry Box Inspiration
  • Author : Rag ‘n’ Bone Brown
  • Video Duration : 10:12
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  • Publication Date : 2017-04-28 16:00:04
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Trending : Jewellery Box made from pallet wood (part 1 of 3) (Video)

Woodwork video. In this video I make a jewellery box made from some pallet wood which I believe to be meranti. In this video I assemble the main box.

Part 2:
Part 3:

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  1. جميع الأعمال لأصحاب فكر وحس فنى عالى وجيد ومن الأخشاب المميزه وممكن من الأخشاب القديمه ولاكن أدوات التشغيل والماكينات شديدة الجوده

  2. Rubber bands are excellent clamps. I also like using masking/painters tape. It actually has a fair bit of elasticity so if you are careful when you're applying it, it can exert a terrific amount of pressure.

  3. After seeing so much of your videos I just now started to realize that you say and write all your measurements in mm and not in inches. Very uncommon for someone British (but very good for all non British and non US viewers)
    So no objections from my side 🙂 but I'm curious why you chose the metric system and not the imperial system.

  4. Nice vid. Tell me, (pretty much a beginner) is there a way to joint wood that is wider than your jointer's table? Or must you split and laminate? BTW, I never saw such fast chisel work in my life. I look forward to parts 2 and 3!

  5. This video is very pallet woodist. Pallet wood is still wood, even related to the Mahoganies, Oaks and Indian cherry woods of this world………………….Poor Pallet wood.

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