Jewelry Box : Making a Jewelry Box For My Daughter (Video)

Jewelry Box : Making a Jewelry Box For My Daughter (Video)

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Trending : Making a Jewelry Box For My Daughter (Video)

My Daughter is turning 8 and A friend of mine, Opa’s Workshop, contacted me and asked to help me make a jewelry box for her birthday. he was going to make the box and I would carve and finish it. I also did the pink flocking on the inside. and finished it with BLO and Shellack. The carving was a Celtic heart trinity and then My daughter’s name on the back.

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  1. How sweet is that! Nicely done! I am drooling over your carving set! I like the Celtic design work! I’ve done a number of them myself and they are really fun and wonderful when done!

  2. Awesome box James. I just made a very similar one for my wife and because of your channel was able to carve a rose on the lid. Thanks for all the great info you pass along

  3. I do have the fancy flock applicator, but I also have one of those cup size condiment shakers, the sort of thing you use for smothering spice etc on a BBQ with decent size holes. It works quite well. Just another idea for how to get around the application.

  4. Great job! The smudged ink made my heart sink for a moment but she didnt seem to mind and its part of the piece now. I might suggest replacing the clasp with something she can lock so it can be her safe little place to hide things from the brothers.
    If my daughter is any indication itll soon be full of "pretty" rocks and found bird feathers and such lol

  5. I'm glad to see Melody really enjoyed that box and I'm glad that I was able to contribute to that happiness for her! Great collaboration James thank you for the opportunity and for the shout out, looking forward to the next one! By the way the carving the flocking and the Finish really made the Box James!

  6. Beautiful box made even better with the carving and perfect pink flocking. But you left part of the story out. Well? Did she like it? πŸ™‚ Thanks for the videos James, they're great.

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