Jewelry Box : Making of a Music Box (Video)

Jewelry Box : Making of a Music Box (Video)

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  • Subject : Make a Jewelry Box
  • Categories : Jewelry Box Inspiration
  • Author : whisk0r
  • Video Duration : 47:59
  • Video Views : 52748
  • Publication Date : 2016-05-26 00:22:34
  • Reviews : 315 likes VS 70 dislikes

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  1. Well I liked this video, it was great to see something being built in real time (ish) instead of time lapsed and built in 3 mins flat. Even liked the music even though it sounded like a Disney film in some parts. 😉

  2. this brought such joy. see cut wood from log off tree. I tell another guy vedio how nice job did meet most requirements for punkin seed box. yet your box clear meet lot of them with out you actually try make that box. you have music aspect witch make even more special did you make music part your self ? it docent look some buy at store.

  3. Me at the beginning:Yes!Finally no loud- DUN DUN DUN DUNDUN!

    Also where did you get your experience of crafting from?I'm only a kid but I'm thinking of trying out at crafting with wood and all the such. It seems so interesting and magnificent!

  4. Quite possibly the worst You Tube video ever made. This should be a case book example of how NOT to make a video. NO ONE needs to see your agonizingly repetitive steps. For God's Sake, use fast-forwarding. We got the freaking idea of how to cut a branch, cut down the wood, make a box joint, or everything else you did to drug out to make a 7 minutes video into 47 minutes of pure torture. The only thing good about this video is the music.

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