Jewelry Box : Maple and Walnut Jewelry Box (Video)

Jewelry Box : Maple and Walnut Jewelry Box (Video)

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For Mother’s day gifts this year, I made two complimentary small boxes out of walnut and maple for my mother, and my mother in-law. I designed the boxes myself to have an asymmetrical stripe of wood extending through the entire box. The sides are joined with finger joints that I cut with my box joint jig. For more information on the jig, I have another video posted on its construction. I added some felt on the inside of the boxes and some simple hinges on the back.

This video demonstrates the build of both boxes from start to finish.

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  1. I liked your video, saw quite a few things I hadn't before. Liked your tool storage and how you oversized the tops to so you could mate the lines well. It did get me thinking I need to get a flat plate of glass or metal so I can sand flat surfaces though, haha another trip to the hardware store! If you read this I'm curious how do you like your box joint jig? Is that a real multipurpose jig you have there with more uses? Would you consider making a different jig? Reason I ask is I'm planning on making one soon and want to know how fancy and elaborate I should get. Thanks!

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