Jewelry Box : Simple Wooden Jewelry Box | How to Build (Video)

Jewelry Box : Simple Wooden Jewelry Box | How to Build (Video)

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Trending : Simple Wooden Jewelry Box | How to Build (Video)

Learn how to build a Simple Wooden Jewelry Box. You can make this woodworking project with just a tablesaw and planer or get all fancy if you have a bandsaw and a drum sander.

Blog Post with detailed plans:

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  1. Great job Brad. Your flip top planer/sander cart is one of my best shop features. Try General Finishes Seal-a-Cell before top coat. Makes most hardwoods, especially walnut, brilliant!

  2. I would love to see you tackle another jewelry box.
    This one was really neat.
    It's entirely possible I have commented on this before, but I am rewatching the back catalog.

  3. That Freud blade is why your wood burned so badly. Get yourself a Forrest blade. They really make a difference. They claim 200 degrees cooler on a rip cut. Think about it, wood that burns is about 500 degrees on your saw. That heats the blade too.

  4. Amazing job! The maple and walnut really pop with the finish! I would suggest that if you were to make more of these, apply a coat of finish around the edges of the walnut panels, so if they constrict with change of weather, you don’t have a unfinished line showing. Other than that amazing job! I look forward to building one my self.

  5. Man,ur a nice guy.i saw u on Instagram so i came to ur channel ,ur awesome and by the way u talk the way u r working with wood ,i can tell ur a passionate guy about this ,seriously man i'm a boy who has no knowloedge about this ,but since childhood i was thrilled about wood work because its just like any other art ,the grit process makes it smooth and fine ,i like that because it gives a satisfaction of a premium finish and u made this box and it just looks so premium ,keep up the good work ,i'll see all of ur videos and yeah ,tell me how much time did it take for u to grab the knowledge behind all of ur woodwork,like u need some amout of information on making this jewellery box only ,so just let me know how much time took ,5 -6 years before u started all of this wood work ?

  6. Beautiful box; perfect example how sometimes "less is more!" Also, a very well produced video! Thank you so much for narrating it and playing it in "real time" instead of fast forwarding the entire video with Iron Maiden playing in the background!

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