Jewelry Box : Walnut Jewelry Box (Video)

Jewelry Box : Walnut Jewelry Box (Video)

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  • Subject : Make a Jewelry Box
  • Categories : Jewelry Box Inspiration
  • Author : Tyler G
  • Video Duration : 13:54
  • Video Views : 71143
  • Publication Date : 2016-01-15 21:30:00
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In this video I make a beautiful jewelry box for my wife using walnut from southern Missouri. The frame is assembled using shallow dados, the drawers using a combination of box joints and dados, and the doors assembled using miters and splines for aesthetics and strength.

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  1. Great build, loved it.
    I have seen this video so many times for reference. Building something similar these days for my girl, however, with limited tools – hand-tools and a palm router only. Would share with you once I am done.

  2. Beautiful ..Great work and special. You possess a wonderful skill. I hope to be a professional like you. But do not have the tools. I wish more detailed video but way more and more.

  3. Nice work… sometimes that small stuff can be tricky to work with… little mis-alignments can show up big time… but yours looks great! I'm sure you're wife is thrilled… now you just have to fill the thing up in the years to come!!! Dave

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