Jewelry Box : Walnut Jewelry Box with Hand Cut Dovetails 💎 How To – Woodworking (Video)

Jewelry Box : Walnut Jewelry Box with Hand Cut Dovetails 💎 How To – Woodworking (Video)

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  • Publication Date : 2019-01-25 17:17:06
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Trending : Walnut Jewelry Box with Hand Cut Dovetails 💎 How To - Woodworking (Video)

This Walnut Jewelry Box features hand cut dovetails, stopped dados, hardwood drawer runners, and precise hardware, definitely a skill builder! Check out Powermatic’s line of power tools: // Get 10% off Brusso hardware using code CRAFTED10 here :

PLANS COMING SOON! These plans have a TON of detail and I want to make sure I get everything right. If you’d like to be notified when the plans are published, please subscribe to my email newsletter :

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📦 Materials Used On The Jewelry Box (affiliate):

BC-263 Ball Catch :
DP-101 Door Pull :
JB-755 Brass Feet :
L-37 Offset Pivot Hinges :
MC-422 Brass Knob :
MC-510 Spinning Hook :
TJ-L37 Knife Hinge Template :
Wood Glue :
CA Glue :
Spray Shellac :

🛠 Tools Used On The Jewelry Box (affiliate):

Powermatic PM2244 Drum Sander :
Powermatic 15HH Planer :
Powermatic PJ-882HH Jointer :
Powermatic PM1500 Bandsaw :
Dovetail Jig :
Fret Saw :
Marking Gauge :
Marking Knife :
Dovetail Saw :
Chisels :
Small Square :
Combination Square :
Router Table :
Table Saw :
Dado Stack :
Miter Saw :
Cordless Drill :
Sander :
Block Plane :
Parallel Clamps :





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  1. Inspirational! I've been looking for ideas on jewelry boxes and what you've done here is even better than I imagined. I picked up some purple heart (or amaranth) and think I'll make a violet doppelganger. Thanks!

  2. I like how you still showed when and where you make your mistakes, yet you just get right back to it. It makes me feel less frustrated when I make my own. Your wife is very lucky. Beautiful box!

  3. Very nice project, I have been useing Brusso hardware for 20yrs I think they make the best*** As far as finish you should have tried tung oil its super easy & fast to apply and you can repair the finish if needed very easily..

  4. Fun build to watch! Don't apologise to people for the length of video, if they don't care about all the details, they aren't woodworkers. What is the center punch you use? It looked really easy to use, I have to push pretty hard for mine.

  5. JB, I like to label on the end grain of important boards. Pencil if it will be visible, sharpie if it won’t. This thing looks killer, it will be treasured for many years to come.

  6. Great project. It's a small project but full of some great details. Great piece to try out new skills. Walnut is beautiful. I'm curious what you didn't like about the shellac? I've used a wipe on not the spray and loved it.

  7. The cabinet turned out well and it was amusing to see someone struggle who has every overpriced tool there is. Woodworking is challenging, good tools help but nothing makes up for undeveloped skills. Practice and study are the only things that insure good results.

  8. When I was making a set of bookcases last year, one of them had a bunch of pieces I had to keep up with. I labeled them on the end grain that would either be cut off or hidden after glueup, something like A1, B, C, etc. Then I labeled everything on a drawing. Might help with the painters tape issue next time.

  9. This is beautiful. Good job all around. I know what you mean with shellac. It’s not so easy to get a good finish. I find the spray shellac from an aerosol can is too thick for the initial coat.
    How many hrs do you think this project took you?

  10. Hey JB! Just one short thought about shellac: I'm from Eastern Europe, and however it's considered a method of the past and only used by some furniture restoration workshops, it is used a totally different way, called French Polish or Politure. The only question is, how much time do you want to spend finishing your project. Speaking of French Polish, you have to make a "solvent" from shellac flakes and denatured alcohol, let it sit for about a day, and with the help of stone powder, apply many-many layers of finish in 1-2 hour gaps, which is absolutely a nightmare on a project this small size, what's more, no matter how much time do you spend making it, the finish will be extremely vulnerable, any kind of liquid will leave a mark. My favourite finish is Hardwax oil, since with right amount of sanding and buffing, you can easily get a shine between satin-high gloss, without ruining the natural look of the wood. I'm not an expert , just thought to share what I know about this 🙂

  11. I like to dilute shellac 50:50 with denatured alcohol, then wipe it on with a rag. It's really easy to get a good looking finish by wiping. You can do multiple coats with light sanding if desired. I think your project came out great! I like the color.

  12. Glad you put this all in one video. I probably would have skipped the "how to cut dovetails" video if you had done two parts, but ended up watching and learning a lot from it because it was part of the main build video.

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