Jewelry Haul : ASMR | Goodwill Jewelry Haul Show & Tell (Soft Spoken) 8-27-2019 (Video)

Jewelry Haul : ASMR | Goodwill Jewelry Haul Show & Tell (Soft Spoken) 8-27-2019 (Video)

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  • Publication Date : 2019-08-28 03:15:32
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Trending : ASMR | Goodwill Jewelry Haul Show & Tell (Soft Spoken) 8-27-2019 (Video)

This is the second video in a series of show & tell videos that I plan to make, featuring jewelry from a huge lot that I purchased at Goodwill recently. All told, I have 15-20 pounds of jewelry, so we have a long way to go! I intend to alternate between whispered and soft spoken videos for this series.

Did you Know ? We believe that you should always insist that the diamonds used in diamond engagement rings, diamond wedding rings (bands), or be conflict free diamonds.


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  1. I love the red tiny ring! Im a size 3 and it looks almost small enough to fit me ๐Ÿ˜ฒ Never see rings that small in the wild

    Edit: Does your SIL have an etsy? I'd love to see her stuff! I adore hand made jewelry

  2. I love your channel so much. It's kinda depressing, but you remind me of my grandma I don't get to see much. You have that same accent and sassy additude that she does. We would go through her old boxes of memories and she'd tell me of all kind of stories in her soft voice. With the terrible anxiety I've developed over the years, you bring me back to my safe place. Thank you.

  3. The FA 1914 cross is the Friedrich Augustus Cross, it was given to decorated German war heroes in WWI. Thatโ€™s a really cool piece of history right there
    Just please please please donโ€™t throw it away ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. This bag is quite a find. That 1914 cross is definitely a German medal, interesting. I think there is jewelry in here from several decades and alot of vintage jewelry. The necklace made by fossil is likely a good necklace as fossil also makes watches (if it's the same brand). Alot of beautiful peices, the most interesting price so far is the tiny silver necklace with the tiny round pendant. Looks masonic to me.

  5. Iโ€™ve never gone to any Goodwills or any other thrift store where the jewelry is just sold in a bulk bag. I wish I could find that tho, it looks so interesting and fun to just go through each bag and sort through all of that. The only things Iโ€™ve found in bulk bags were barbies/bratz dolls or tiny kids toys, or pens/pencils/markers at a Texas Thrift Store

  6. Oh miss Mary! Thank you so much for your videos…i had my son 3 months ago and still experience the baby blues but your videos help me relax and eventually get some sleep! I love the soft spoken…my favorite when I was in the hospital after my c-section!

  7. Trying to watch this to relax and keep laughing by her little comments. ๐Ÿ˜‚ she said โ€œoh theres a hair.. thats not healthyโ€ โ€œits like a psychedelic doritoโ€ I love these soo much mary. ๐Ÿฅฐ

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