Jewelry Haul : Jewelry Haul – H&M, Forever 21 & More [FASHION ACCESSORIES] (Video)

Jewelry Haul : Jewelry Haul – H&M, Forever 21 & More [FASHION ACCESSORIES] (Video)

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Trending : Jewelry Haul - H&M, Forever 21 & More [FASHION ACCESSORIES] (Video)

Please Watch in HD! Hi Hi Hi! I’m on a roll with these videos (well…by that I mean I’m staying up all night to edit and upload these videos lol) Hope you enjoy! As many products as I can find will be listed in the info box! : ) I’m going to try to have my August Hits & Misses up tomorrow!

Instagram: hollyannaeree

Items Shown:

Forever 21 – Just looked online & found some. They also have other great bracelets on there right now!

Black & Gold Bracelet:
Similar to the Mint Bracelet:
Pink & Rhinestone Bracelet:
Cream Stone Bracelet:
Forever 21 1st Necklace:
Forever 21 Necklace #2 I couldn’t find online.

HaulerDeals Necklaces by Carol Marie –
Plate Necklace –
Single Half Shield Necklace –

DailyLook –
(if you haven’t signed up yet you can use my invite link for 20% OFF – I do not make anything off use of this code. No money, no points, nothing its just for you guys. You don’t have to use it its just an option & a way to get a discount)
*Pinky Ring –
*Starfish Ring –
*Spike & Rhinestone Bracelet –
*Small Spike Bracelet –
*Open Arrow Bracelet –
*Navy Skull Bracelet –
*Pink Skull Bracelet –
*Gold Cuff Bracelet –
*Ear Cuff –

Other Skull Bracelets were purchased at a Brandy Melville store.

H&M – was not able to find any of these online : (

This video is NOT sponsored.

Thanks so much for watching!

What I’m Wearing:
Top: Nordstrom
Necklace: Forever 21
Bracelets: Both Jewelmint
Rodeo Drive Bracelet
Mumbai Bracelet

Nails: Essie Ballet Slippers & OPI Pirouette my Whistle
How I do my Nails:

Hair is curled using Conair Jumbo Rollers – 2nd time trying these. (I have a first impressions on the multi size rollers here:

How I normally Curl my Hair (curling iron)

Foundation: Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk UV Foundation color # 5.5 (testing this)
Cheeks: MAC Bite of an Apple
Lips: Smashbox O-Gloss & YSL R.V. Lipstick #2 Sensual Silk
Eyes: Urban Decay Smoked Palette –

Filmed with my Canon T3i (the kit that I purchased from Amazon:
and edited in iMovie.

The Lighting Kit I am using I purchased from Amazon as well
(I purchased the lighting and stands separately so that it would be cheaper)

Did you Know ? We believe that you should always insist that the diamonds used in diamond engagement rings, diamond wedding rings (bands), or be conflict free diamonds.


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  1. i know! it's like people lose their sense of COMMON COURTESY. you wouldn't go up to a stranger (even someone you knew OF and not personally, such as a celebrity) and say hey your hair looks bad! shows bad character really. i bet she enters all your giveaways too! really now!

  2. I'm happy that your haul showed affordable pieces, like forever 21 and h&m because sometimes I don't want to spend $30 and up for costume jewelry… I mean, I have a jewelmint subscription as well but sometimes it's nice to know that I got a pretty necklace for $13 versus $30. Thanks so much for keeping the selections diverse!

  3. I was wondering if you ever found the link to that subscribers online website who gave you the gold chain linked bracelet from your recent OOTD video? I really liked it so I was hoping you had so I could purchase one! :]

  4. umm….okay. O_o idk why ppl are like that – like if i thought that about you i wouldnt say it. its unnecessary. i mean i dont care – the video is already up, nothing i can do about it. plus i like the way it looks so it doesnt really matter. it just amazes me how some people are. i dont understand how some people think. i mean its not even like just saying it out loud people go out of their way to type it all out.

  5. WOW holly!! that's like tons of accessories…I wonder what's your Jewellery stand or colleague look like…please post some pics or do a tour please….Man…I hardly wear any bracelets…so rare with me…but you rock them everytime!! thanks!! love your videos…

  6. it is what it is – im sitting in a chair and staying in frame – that is exactly how i am in real life but of course its not natural to sit in a chair for an hr on camera. – thats how long videos take to film.

  7. I always love your hauls as you always give your honest opinion on everything and you have super great taste and are also incredibly organized, (keeping the original packaging to let your subscribers know the prices, putting links in your info box). You are a super helpful and informative. Thank you :]

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