Jewelry Haul : Minimalistic Jewelry Pieces | Jewelry Haul ft. Rellery (Video)

Jewelry Haul : Minimalistic Jewelry Pieces | Jewelry Haul ft. Rellery (Video)

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  • Subject : Jewelry Haul
  • Categories : Jewelry Haul Inspiration
  • Author : Octavia B
  • Video Duration : 10:21
  • Video Views : 6792
  • Publication Date : 2019-11-05 23:09:37
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Trending : Minimalistic Jewelry Pieces | Jewelry Haul ft. Rellery (Video)

welcome back to my channel 🌱

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  1. Great channel, keep up the good work! I think you should take a look at FollowSM”.”com to grow your channel and get more social proof!

  2. Where did you get your previous bracelet from? I got really excited when you said bracelet. I know you got the new one from this company, but I really like the other one. Thank you!!

  3. Please girl….I'm just now overcoming my jewelry addiction!!! My wallet can't take anymore lmaooooo. I so love your channel btw.

  4. The pieces are very simple and pretty. I know you mentioned in a previous video you’ve been using lemon on you lips. do you still do this?, Is there a change in lip color?

  5. I absolutely love these pieces! So simple yet beautiful. Also, great sponsored video I remember you talking about it in your last vlog and I think this is good 💗

  6. They're cute & girly.
    I wanted to see the one with the evil eyes for some reason Lol I liked seeing you wearing that one too.💕

  7. You’re a beauty! I love jewelry and simplicity. Unfortunately, I went to their IG page and didn’t see anybody that looks like you or myself showcasing their pieces. 🤷🏾‍♀️ But they asked you to make this video 😒🙄🤔

  8. I always comment hella fast but I'm not a stalker hahahah thumbs up if you love Octavia!!!

    Can I ask how you keep volume in your hair?? Whenever I flat iron mine it looks thin/flat! (It's natural and healthy atm)

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