Jewelry Haul : Pre-Estate Sale Jewelry Haul for Ebay and Etsy Coro Swarovsky Sterling + Tantalus! (Video)

Jewelry Haul : Pre-Estate Sale Jewelry Haul for Ebay and Etsy Coro Swarovsky Sterling + Tantalus! (Video)

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Trending : Pre-Estate Sale Jewelry Haul for Ebay and Etsy Coro Swarovsky Sterling  + Tantalus! (Video)

What a day! We were invited to a home two weeks before the family would hold an estate sale to pick up some true good buys on electronic items for resale. Little did I know the treasures we would ‘unearth’ – like a true pirates’ chest glittering on an abandoned beach!
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Did you Know ? We believe that you should always insist that the diamonds used in diamond engagement rings, diamond wedding rings (bands), or be conflict free diamonds.


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  1. 14 k gold rings are good, jade, coral and fine art, you can find these at auctions and max sold sales, you want the big bucks you got to spend just a little more and raise your horizons, just a suggestion. Don't get me wrong I started out like you but have moved on to more exciting treasures, and don't forget gold is going up, good time to just buy and hold.

  2. I just found this video and just had to tell you that I really enjoyed it so much! I loved every item you showed! It is two years after you posted this video…and I have just now subscribed, so I hope you have some more recent for me to watch! Thank you! From Atlanta, GA

  3. Well this was a pleasant little show. Loved your display of knowledge and agreed with so much of what you said. I have been watching (from the UK) lots of the thrifted jewellery jar openings. We don’t have these in the UK. I have watched them in amazement – 99% rubbish! The high cost of the jars/bags and the time spent on them. You can see the desperation of the people and they are saying, so cool, so pretty etc etc. These ladies seem to know so little about jewellery, be it vintage or contemporary. Also, it’s perfectly obvious that these thrift shops are throwing in every bit of rubbish they can find …
    I can’t stop watching them, like horror films you hate but need to watch! These jewellery jars seem to be a good way of losing cash, fast, and lots of it.
    While I’m on my rant, your film was so good because you weren’t saying hello to everyone who’s ever tuned in to you! I hate that! Makes me want to throw my iPad out the window !!!!!

  4. Hi Alice – what great finds!! I was getting excited watching it…what else did they find!!
    Great info., i love seeing others who enjoy vintage costume jewelry, sterling and the lucky real pearl and gold find!! I still love the beautiful vintage jewelry the best. I’ll have to follow you and watch some more..You are so lucky to have a husband who enjoys shopping with you!!!

  5. Oh you are such a wonderful Gem. I loved your video. I have been collecting jewelry for awhile now. I just need to set up a store so I can make some money …….Thank you so much. You should have your own spot on a radio for people looking for treasures. Thank you so much. My name is Lisa. I am looking for a bit of help starting my eBay or test account. I would be willing to pay you some money for your wisdom and what to look for ..I have alot of stuff. Just not much confidence.For your time I would gladly pay you What I can.On limited income so I'm saving for a car.thk you.lisa

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