Jewelry Haul : Testing Out A WISH Jewelry Haul #4 (Video)

Jewelry Haul : Testing Out A WISH Jewelry Haul #4 (Video)

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  • Publication Date : 2020-01-05 18:15:59
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Trending : Testing Out A WISH Jewelry Haul #4 (Video)

Got some neat stuff this time. been awhile since I did a jewelry haul. I really hope my dad likes the ring box. Hope you enjoyed this video!

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  2. Oh WOW, that heart Tree of Life chakra pendant is GORGEOUS! Thank you so much for sharing this haul, I'm off to Wish right now to place an order! Xoxo

  3. I went to the doctor the other day. The nurse looked at. Ring i was wearing and told me how nice it was. I told her, it was from wish. She told me i always look nice. I told her everything you see i bought on line. Most was from wish, even down to my highlights in my hair. If you read reviews and see pictures from other costumers the quality is good. And I would hate for you to see how many rights i have. My husband was quick to say, “Wish i wish you would stop buying from Wish.” It was a joke.

  4. Ordered a necklace from Wish 2 years ago. It never came. Tried to contact them….no phone number. Never again will i order from them.

  5. Hello 😊
    I am new to your channel and I love this video 👍🏻
    Do you make your own jewelry? You could diy your own anklet if you have some jewelry-thread 🧵😊
    Greetings from Denmark 🇩🇰😊

  6. I have a question. I had send a package back it been a month now. I have not received my refund. I send them email and try to call, but it goes straight to the app. is there any way to talk to a wish team?

  7. I love how you have the dog bed on your bed but the dog is always still on your pillows. It’s so funny. My cats do this too no matter how many nice beds or blankets I provide for them on the bed they always get passed by in favour for anywhere I try to keep clean and cat hair free. I cover my pillows during the day with a sheet now so I don’t have to change the pillow cases as often. I have cartilage piercings and the last thing need is an infected ear because they stick their bum on my pillow! Anyways I always get a good giggle because I see your pup has the same determination as my cats. Have a great day! 💜 edit I left this comment seconds before you mention his bed abandonment in the video 🤣🤣🤣

  8. Hi melissa when ordering from wish does all what order come all together or in different times like one by one but thanks for sharing☺

  9. Hi, I'm Patricia from Chile, I am writing to ask you about the part that you are and at the time you buy in Whych I tried many times and never won anything

  10. You can just use wire cutters to remove the extenders. If the extender uses regular jump rings you can take a pair of pliers to open it and remove it.

    You can also use snips to remove that dog paw pendant from the chain.

    I make jewelry as a hobby, so I have that perspective on how to tweak jewelry.

  11. If you have a little jump ring you could just connect it through one of the chain links and then through the infinity symbol that way it wouldn't move up and down I'm always thinking of these kinda things being that I make things and fix things for people x

  12. I have bought a lot of rings, necklaces, earrings, navel piercings, n jewelry in general from Wish n Vova. I've never had any problems with any of the rings or other jewelry, but every necklace turns green, black, turn my neck green, n make sores, n snap. Even the ones that claim their sterling silver 925. That's all I can wear. I bought the pack that has 10 "silver" chains. They've all discolored n made sores on my neck n turned green or black n just such a disappointing purchase. Well cuz I also bout several packs in different lengths. I have tons of pendants n charms n needed lots of necklaces. So be careful n I don't normally have sensitive skin to anything.

  13. Well I'll be, I've had one of those jewelry holder/hanger for two years now from Wish and never did I notice that the back has those flaps lol.

  14. The ring sizes are really good, I have some rings that where left to me but way to big. Likewise I don't want to alter them as it may damage them. Got the ringer sizes and Wham, perfection. 🤗

  15. Awesome haul!! A little tip that you may or may not have already heard for the extender necklaces, take a small pair of side cutters & cut the excess extender rings off.

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