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  • Subject : All About Paparazzi Jewelry
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  • Author : Savannah Marie
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  • Publication Date : 2019-08-26 12:56:52
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Sorry that I was itching my nose so much! It’s dust storm/haboob season in AZ right now and all the kicked-up dust is making my allergies go crazy!

The FTC’s study that found that 99% of those who join MLMs lose money:

Paparazzi Compensation Plan:

Find all of the cringiest Paparazzi team-building and “training” material here:
(There are a few more consultant interviews you can listen to on this site that are extremely similar to the one we reviewed of Shanae in this video. I’d recommend listening to them as well if you don’t believe me when I say they all literally say the same things over and over again)

Direct link to Shanae Fant’s cringe-tacular interview:

Paparazzi on the Better Business Bureau:

D. Hale’s Creations’ video (a great example of what to expect as an average Paparazzi consultant):


End screen: The Take Over – Phosphenes
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“Shades of Spring” by Kevin MacLeod (
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Did you Know ? We believe that you should always insist that the diamonds used in diamond engagement rings, diamond wedding rings (bands), or be conflict free diamonds.


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  1. Hey friends! I put a rundown at the beginning of this video on what MLM's are and how they work because I know there will be some people trickling in here who don't know anything about them. If you're a seasoned anti-MLMer and you dont wanna sit through my rundown, skip to 6:47! It's important to talk about all of this in videos of this sort because if I can help one victim of hunbot prey, I've done my job! Thanks for being here while I figure this whole YouTube thing out ❤

  2. I’ve fallen into the MK thing TWICE!! How dumb is THAT?? Never again! I watched a video about the Lularoe thing, and it’s crazy how much people were spending on inventory. I think these companies are all the same….stay away…..far, far away.

  3. I can't imagine really wanting to wear $5 jewelry. And if I did, I would just go to Claires. (I consider Claires to be a good source for jewelry to wear with costumes and perhaps to give to children who are old enough to not put jewelry in their mouths but young enough that they still lose jewelry and accessories regularly. And I have found fun things for myself there occasionally.)
    Moreover, I wouldn't want 100 pieces of crappy jewelry sitting in a box, gathering dust in a corner of my home.
    Actually, I just went on Etsy today and bought a pair of handmade Norse reproduction brass dress brooches for $30.41 from a jeweler in Germany. I know that's a fair bit of money, but I think I am going to get jewelry which is worth my money.

  4. Thank you! Lol the only thing protecting these companies is having a product or service! That’s the entire point! I love that you straight up point it out.!

    You’re cute as heck btw!!

  5. Think about how much these ratty ass pieces probably cost to produce.I mean, for them to make a profit and still be shilling them for $5?! It HAS to be horrible quality, under terrible working conditions.

  6. Hi, Christian here, thank you for addressing the predatory and inappropriate use of faith in these companies. It is infuriating! And people treat it like its normal.

  7. Theology major here! 😀 The verse you were referring to is the reason the priests decided to kill Jesus. Matthew 21:12-14. Mark 11:15-18. Using Mark because I like Mark. “And as He taught them, he said, ‘Is it not written: “My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations,” but you have made it a “den of robbers.” The chief priests and the teachers of the law heard this and began looking for a way to kill him…’ (Mark 11:17-18) My church has actually banned MLMs for this reason. You can be asked not to return for promoting your MLM, especially if you try to get people to sign up.

  8. I did paparazzi when I was 18 didn’t know better 😂 I actually was lucky and I sold all my inventory every time but over time the pieces were junk like I wasn’t happy with the quality . At first it was okay then they kept making them like cheaper and cheaper feeling . So I stopped selling it .

  9. Look there a lie my girl
    My friend just did this an that shit they send u your ass don't get to pic what it is
    It cool to like 12 yr olds
    But if u want anything nice u have to go on the main sight an they get to sale the nice stuff
    Nobody in there mind
    That's 20s to 30s are going to wear the stuff they send u
    Now my daughter loves it
    An we got a main store that's buying this shit an they charge u 20 bucks for it
    An omg they just brought god into the convo
    Girl that's not right at all

  10. You showed up in my suggestions, and I'm subscribing! I love anti MLM videos! Funny that Paparazzi is the topic! My friend is a mega hun. Sweet lady, but she's always shilling something. Younique, pearls, and now Paparazzi. She had a party recently, and the head hun friended me and sent multiple messages asking me whether or not I'm going to their party. I denied her request and ignored all party invites and messages. Most people take a hint when ignored.

  11. Thank you Savannah I didn't know what that was called the paparazzi stuff, I didn't know how they worked, the only thing I know is they were selling the jewelry online , a daughter from a YouTube cooking show, they did three days of doing it promoted it for 2 weeks I knew nothing about, they were selling tickets for so you could get pieces, be the first ones to buy it, I just wanted to see what the pieces will like, I didn't buy in for it, I like real jewelry, sterling silver 10K gold 14 g to much money, but the paparazzi jewelry, nothing was real, and I saw how much they were selling for and the stuff look like junk, really it look like Dollar store things in fact a lot of the time the Dollar store looked better I ended up turning it off, I want nothing to do with that, and I will not ever buy anything, now I'm really upset because it was a cooking show that kept on sponsoring it, and she does talk about God and things, and I just sit and watch, I don't like them using religion to push money or any things like that it's sacreligious I am knew to your channel, and yes from what you told me I subscribe

  12. This is the only MLM I would consider doing. I came across a store in the mall that had a full store of the jewelry. Some of it is pretty and unique, others not so much but the five dollar cost gets you. I wouldn't want to do the recruitment thing but sell the jewelry off my body daily. That's what one of the girls told me she did. I took a card and looked it up. You double your money was my thing. I went back in and looked for a piece or two and saw some I liked. I got it home and was trying to put on the necklace but it slipped and fell onto the carpet. Two of the little jewels fell off. I was flabbergasted. Of course I could glue them back on but just the thought of not getting to wear my necklace because it was so cheap pissed me off. So no buy in for me. I wanted to sell it at craft shows. If it fell apart for me, I shutter to think of it falling apart for a customer.

  13. i love all these videos so much! your channel has been a big inspiration for me to start making anti-mlm videos of my own. great breakdown of paparazzi… i can't believe they don't even release their income disclosure!! that's so shady

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