Paparazzi Jewelry : Struggles of a Paparazzi Consultant; Things you should consider before joining Paparazzi (Video)

Paparazzi Jewelry : Struggles of a Paparazzi Consultant; Things you should consider before joining Paparazzi (Video)

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Trending : Struggles of a Paparazzi Consultant; Things you should consider before joining Paparazzi (Video)

Hello there, I have been doing Paparazzi for almost a year. However, the business opportunity is not working for me. Are you considering quitting Paparazzi Accesories?
Should you quit Paparazzi?

Here, I show a little of the issues I have.


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  1. I have been a consultant for the past 2 years and I have struggled with everything everyone has mentioned on the video and on the comments. But it is not a scam that the company is pulling nor is it the companies fault that we are not as successful as others. The basis of our success depends on us. You are an independent Consultant, so it is your business and you need to run it as a business. You need to work your business and try different things in order to be successful. The concept is quite simple. Great quality jewelry at an affordable price. The fact that they don't have catalogs and release new items often is a great advantage and it minimizes some competition among consultants. Again I have struggled with all the issues you all mention, including having an entire team of 16 people under me quit slowly, yet I'm still a consultant. Why??? because when I work my business, I make real good money. When I don't work my business, it's not Paparazzi's fault, it's my own for slacking. So for those of you who are still consultants and don't believe me, give it a try. Focus One month and working all angles of your business and you see if things change for you. For those of you who have quit, hey at least you tried and if it didn't work for you then it didn't work for you, but don't blame the company and try to discourage others from joining. Instead why don't you post about why you think it didn't work for you and maybe others can take that as a lesson.

  2. Its a scam. They push or force to sell and buy more jewelries under quotas and keep recruiting. I quited also. I have more inventory left too and its not easy to sell beacuse its a pos jelweries. DO NOT DO MLM …

  3. I am going to buy up some folks as they close. I love that these companies exist… i do not love how they run* but the creative spirit and effort of all of you sales people is fantasitc and hope it was an amazing experience to build your future brand

    So i can sell* inventory so I will buy those who go out and help them get their money back >But i do not want to join

  4. You’re constantly having to buy new inventory. I sold it actively and consistently for a year. I spent over $10,000 on inventory. I am currently sitting on over 2,000 pieces that wouldn’t sell. Now I am selling it for $3 a piece just to get rid of it and try to recoup some money.

  5. i was going join but one friend like you she was doing paprazzi i have friend want me join but i sorry have hard time i do sale avon i think personal avon little better i join avon like last year sometime and last week i told had heath problem why stop they unstand now all have do get back into avon just pay 20 dollards back in but maybe should join AVON i think better can check them out on line thanks I was join paprazzi once one friend told me that hear and see back things about paparzzi work for them they dont have books order from kind messy up thanks share this so now i feel i just stay with avon sale that ok thanks

  6. If I may give a couple of suggestions… it's so important to continuously grow your audience. I've been with Paparazzi since 2013 and I am constantly adding to my network. It is a never ending job. Facebook is an amazing tool for building and selling but it shouldn't be your only tool. Use all social media and redirect them to your FB so people can watch your lives. When you are out and about, interact with people. When you see someone with jewelry on, compliment them and say, you will love what I have. Hand them a business card and ask if they are on FB. And believe me, I know it's nerve wrenching but a closed mouth doesn't get fed.
    Make sure you are public when going live, and be consistent with it. It is so important to interact with your audience when going live. Think of it as a girlfriend get together. Have fun, people come to watch you and shop. They want to be entertained. Be you times 2.
    And yes, show "old" pieces. First, I never say I have new pieces, customers don't know what's new or old. Intermix them. Just yesterday I did a live party with all "old" pieces and sold 25 pieces and I had one new customer.
    Hopefully this will help someone, I wish you a ton of success in whatever you do.

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