Paparazzi Jewelry : The Easiest and Fastest Way To Sell Paparazzi Jewelry! Team Diamond Elite! (Video)

Paparazzi Jewelry : The Easiest and Fastest Way To Sell Paparazzi Jewelry! Team Diamond Elite! (Video)

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  • Subject : All About Paparazzi Jewelry
  • Categories : Paparazzi Jewelry Inspiration
  • Author : Amber Griffie – Paparazzi Independent Consultant
  • Video Duration : 5:31
  • Video Views : 20092
  • Publication Date : 2018-01-09 17:33:06
  • Reviews : 488 likes VS 16 dislikes

Trending : The Easiest and Fastest Way To Sell Paparazzi Jewelry! Team Diamond Elite! (Video)

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Did you Know ? We believe that you should always insist that the diamonds used in diamond engagement rings, diamond wedding rings (bands), or be conflict free diamonds.


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  1. I just read the terms and it says you cannot use facebook to sell directly, so how is using facebook live different? I know people do this. I have bought jewelry this way. I just want to be assured I would be following the terms if I sign up. I'd also like to know if you really have to get the signature from the customer on every purchase. The terms really say that. I'm hoping I misunderstood.

  2. Hey,who are you doing? I have subscribed to this channel. I look forward to learning all the knowledge that you have to give… and congratulations on your Elite status

  3. Oops one more question. I’m feeling a bit discouraged using my private Facebook. Why not create a new paparazzi Facebook account and go through that. Why do I need to use my personal one

  4. Hi! I’m a new paparazzi Consultant. I see quite a few consultants that get shared to our local shop n swap pages. This is not allowed?

  5. Hi Amber I go LIVE weekly and I have about 5 or 6 who watch on a regular basis resulting in maybe about 4 sales give or take. The issue I’m running into is because I basically have the same people viewing, my inventory isn’t moving. They’ve already seen what I have and not purchasing. I’ve already shown the same inventory twice going LIVE and once in the format of a Photo Album Party. I do not want to go LIVE again showing the same inventory for a 4th time.

    The question I’ve tried to ask in a group was how do I grow my Facebook audience? I really didn’t get a clear answer and I’m hoping you will be able to give me advice on this.
    Side note: I go LIVE on my personal page and make it public vs my VIP page in order to make it accessible to more people, I’ve been consistent on the day, but I tried different days to see if that would work, and I offer free giveaways.
    Thank you for any recommendations you may have to offer.

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