Paparazzi Jewelry : Wall Drop 101 Schedule $5 Paparazzi Accessories in your Shopping Group! (Video)

Paparazzi Jewelry : Wall Drop 101 Schedule $5 Paparazzi Accessories in your Shopping Group! (Video)

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Trending : Wall Drop 101 Schedule $5 Paparazzi Accessories in your Shopping Group! (Video)

This method could prove an overnight success, however, understand that humans are creatures of habit. This may be a new method of selling to you and your shoppers. Don’t be discouraged. Be CONSISTENT. It takes time for most customers to get comfortable with 24 hour shopping but sales will pick up and you WILL sell more, WAY MORE, through Wall drops, if you are consistent. My elite upline Krystal Kumpula is one of the very top sellers and it’s bc she has been wall dropping for years. She might sell 400 pieces in a live sale that week but she will sell 800 + pieces through wall drops! My sales double when I wall drop daily. Introduce this method to your customers as a shopping marathon and let them know you’ll be dropping bling every hour on the hour all weekend. Once you introduce this method of selling DO NOT STOP. Keep going. Here’s the biggest secret to Paparazzi sales – grow your customer base DAILY. Every day strive to get new members in your shopping group. Set a goal to get 100 members. Once you reach it double that goal. Work to get 200 members. Don’t give up, keep going! You will succeed!

Did you Know ? We believe that you should always insist that the diamonds used in diamond engagement rings, diamond wedding rings (bands), or be conflict free diamonds.


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  1. I’m new and love watching your videos. I have learned so many great tips and appreciate you taking time to share !

  2. Wow, Christine you are so amazing! The way you share, teach, create and articulate is beautiful. I learn so much when I watch your videos and everything is always valuable and so helpful. I’m pretty new at this so being able to learn and grow my business from you and other consultants who have navigated these waters before me and share what works for them is just…priceless. You are such a blessing, thank you πŸ™ sweet soul.

  3. Hello. I had a VIP group filled with about 28 people. When I put my content in my group, they just looked. No purchases, barely any interaction at all. So i eventually deleted it. Should I start another fb group but for customers only? Where they have to have bought from me in order to get access to the group? Do you have any tips on how to build such a group like that? I really want to increase my sales using social media tools while they are available. Thanks.

  4. Does this hurt your algorithm. I have been told to do albums instead but I feel like my customers do better seeing one pic at a timel

  5. Hello Cristine , I'm a very new Paparazzi Consultant and really trying to find my way to be successful in this business. I just wanted to let you know that you have inspired me to keep trying and not give up. As I'm looking and listening to this video following along with my phone I notice that when I go to my facebook page I can't set times for wall drops. Do you have any Ideas on what I can do in order to create my wall drops. Thanks

  6. Thank you Cristine I have been in a slump lately and I am trying to get back on track. Your Wall drop is a perfect solution. Keep up the fantastic work!!

  7. Great idea and information! How do you keep track of sold (mine) notifications and "grouping" customer items to be invoiced and mailed together? Thank you again…I learn so much from you! ❀❀❀

  8. Great video! Thank you! Just a question…
    Do you post just on your page dedicated to Paparazzi? Can you add it to your regular Facebook page? Thank you!

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