Paparazzi Jewelry : What Happens To Inactive Paparazzi Consultants? What Does It Mean To Be Active? Amber Griffie. (Video)

Paparazzi Jewelry : What Happens To Inactive Paparazzi Consultants? What Does It Mean To Be Active? Amber Griffie. (Video)

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  • Subject : All About Paparazzi Jewelry
  • Categories : Paparazzi Jewelry Inspiration
  • Author : Amber Griffie – Paparazzi Independent Consultant
  • Video Duration : 6:24
  • Video Views : 6703
  • Publication Date : 2019-03-19 19:00:32
  • Reviews : 215 likes VS 4 dislikes

Trending : What Happens To Inactive Paparazzi Consultants? What Does It Mean To Be Active? Amber Griffie. (Video)

In the video I said you would need 10 Zi Collection pieces to accumulate 50 PV but I meant to say 5 Zi Collection in order to accumulate 50 PV.
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  1. I'm a inactive consultant I was trying to log in the application to buy some jewelry and become active again but it said my user wasn't found , does that mean my contact is cancelled ?

  2. This business seems to be too much work to deal with. I've been watching several consultants and their sales and viewer's have dropped significantly. You are very thorough in explaining how it works.

  3. Sell,sell,sell,if you do not sell sell sell,the company takes your commission? Yes,I can’t wait to sell sell sell this stuff. Ridiculous. Stay active so the company makes money.

  4. So you have to keep buying jewelry and adding inventory even if your not selling well? Sounds like a scam. No thanks, you can go to Ali Express and buy some dollar jewelry and sell it for how much you want to sell it for.

  5. Hi in july it will be 1 yr that I have been doing paparazzi , the lady I signed under is not encouraging . I have told her that I need that one on one with her beacuse I need help , she just tells me to put my questions in the group page & others will answer my questions . Geez really I ask for help & that's all I get … How I wish that I could change & sign under someone else .

  6. I joined May 2018, i did it a couple of months. I had some health problems goin on. I told this to my sponsor n i didn't hear anything.
    I would contact her on messenger like she asked everyone to. She would take weeks to get back to me so, i pretty much stop selling. She told me to find another TEAM.

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