Paparazzi Jewelry : What's In Your Paparazzi Accessories Bling Bag? (Video)

Paparazzi Jewelry : What's In Your Paparazzi Accessories Bling Bag? (Video)

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Trending : What's In Your Paparazzi Accessories Bling Bag? (Video)

Here’s how I organize my Paparazzi jewelry bling bag. It’s a great bling bag to help you get more Paparazzi jewelry sales in person while you are out and about.

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These are the jewelry bags that I use for my rings and earrings in my bling bag.

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  1. Awesome video ! I would like to become an independent consultant but I also make homemade jewelry on the side, would you recommend that I continue with my homemade but display them separately from My paparazzi jewelry when attending vendor events?

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