Paparazzi Jewelry : Why I Failed As A Paparazzi Consultant (Video)

Paparazzi Jewelry : Why I Failed As A Paparazzi Consultant (Video)

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  • Publication Date : 2018-06-27 00:27:54
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Trending : Why I Failed As A Paparazzi Consultant (Video)

Find out how I FAILED as a Paparazzi Consultant and what I am doing to rebuild!

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  1. My husband got sick and passed away so I had to stop for a while. I'm just now starting to get back. Paparazzi has been so kind to me during this time. My papa sisters and brothers have all been here for me. Great company and people!!!

  2. /262428 look me up everything is $5 lead and Nickel Free hypoallergenic. I go live everyday every night with new inventory. Each day of the week we have a promotion. Join to win bling. Go to Facebook and look up Brenda battles Harper if we're not friends we should be. Country gals slinging bling. We are growing like crazy asked me how to be a country gal.

  3. Have you ever thought about creating your own products and truly running your own company? Why work your butt off to make other people rich? You are dynamic and I can totally see you representing yourself…not Paparazzi. Just a thought.

  4. Very Very Encouraging😇 I’ve been with paparazzi for almost three years and I slowed down or token a break from it this pass summer. I’ve just started back this November. I was feeling the same as you were. I’m so happy you posted this because it’s very encouraging. 🙂

  5. Brandi thanks so much I do not know how I stumbled on you I was on google looking for an audio cable lol..I have been with Paparazzi a year now & was feeling the same. I needed the push I want to get to the next level. I am 1 away from Director. I even went to Convention in Vegas last year & had a ball. I know I will get new people who love the $5 dollarbling. Step out my area & soarrrrr. Thanks so muchhhhhhhh.

  6. Thank you Jazz. My first live will be in 12/15. My launch party is 12/16. I am using yours and others videos to teach me what and what not to do. I am in it for the long haul. Sitting behind a desk for another 20 years is not an option. My goal is 1 year to at least have a decent amount of views on my videos. I’m ok with even having 1 or 2 and moving up from their. Thank you again

  7. You haven't failed, it was only a set back.. one only fails when they give up, and you haven't given up! Love the video! Thank you for your inspiration!! Best of Luck on your Venture!

  8. I just joined end of July and it's been a challenge to believe it's going to grow for me. I am trying to make myself go live because I dont like it. But I work like crazy sharing online and in boxing people and sharing with people on the street.

  9. I'm near the one year mark of being with the company and I am not where I want to be. I expected business to fall in my lap but barely put in the work after the newness died down. Here's to rebuilding!

  10. Brandi, thank you for taking the time to do this type of video, for those of us who are looking at the jewelry side of it and along with the business portion. I think that for us who have a job in any profession and thinking of starting a new business, we have to realize that it will take time and patience to see the results we are hoping for. If we all continue to press through in what we are pursuing believing in yourself which I could tell you did, remember it's all in God's timing not our own and just enjoy the process of it all. Your back and that time allowed you to realign your thoughts of everything and to take up that challenge again. Way to go girl. You got this! ~Joy

  11. Really are no fails..Just a matter of not working it enough. I am finding it takes a lot more time & repetition than I was led to believe. Lots of investing in the jewelry upfront & on and on. Was told back in Dec. to go live daily but it is now go live 2-3x a week during all hours. It is intense.
    I am a teacher in the public schools & then managing my home. It is a challenge having a FT job. I got to Star Consultant & have been now trying to build my VIP. I purchased jewelry monthly until June. I am now buying for my new arrival. But I post daily & sold a bit this summer. Unfortunately, FB is out of sight, out of mind. It is a daily in your face type thing.

  12. Wow You’re an accountant!! Can you suggest how I as paparazzi consultant can best manage my finances, receipts, basically what should I keep track of for tax purposes. And how should I document my business finances…that is such an amazing skill you have

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