Paparazzi Jewelry : Why not to sell Paparazzi Jewelry! (Video)

Paparazzi Jewelry : Why not to sell Paparazzi Jewelry! (Video)

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  • Subject : All About Paparazzi Jewelry
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  • Author : Dannielle Hale
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  • Publication Date : 2018-11-07 20:59:24
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Trending : Why not to sell Paparazzi Jewelry! (Video)

I used to sell Paparazzi Jewelry. In this video, I go over the main reason why not to sell it!

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Did you Know ? We believe that you should always insist that the diamonds used in diamond engagement rings, diamond wedding rings (bands), or be conflict free diamonds.


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  1. I signed up at the end of August (as in the last day) . Didnโ€™t have my kit yet and posted a ton of pictures with my FREE WEBSITE. How come a check was mailed to me the next day for posting pictures in three hours before end of month closing? $63.40 in three hours with just posting pictures………… isnโ€™t that a wonderful profit? So, how is that a scam? Oh and Iโ€™m a dude selling this stuff too. Xoxo

  2. I'm having serious deja vu reading all of the comments from people defending Paparazzi. I remember watching a video criticising Lularoe before things really went south for that company and everyone selling for them. The comments were filled with angry huns trying to defend Lularoe. We all know how that turned out. ๐Ÿ˜‚

  3. The saddest thing about MLMs is the psychological dissonance, they never want to admit they were duped, and they (as evidenced by the comments here) even defend their exploiter. Start your own business, YOUR OWN BUSINESS. you people don't realize, you aren't business owners, you aren't managers, you aren't anything but the company's CUSTOMER you are putting your own money in and doing the dirty work of getting more people to get 'signed up' to buy more crap. it is how the MLMs make money.

  4. You don't deserve the predatory comments and hate. MLM's are terrible and nobody should take part in them. 99% of people who join them do not turn a profit. That is a real statistic. The hunbots in your comments are not trying to help, are delusional to what they're doing, and simply cannot face what is going to happen to them. Stay with a real job and don't ruin your life with joining an MLM. Thank you for this video.

  5. I love selling paparazzi. I don't make a lot but I enjoy all my people. I met a lot of my Facebook friends in June and I was so happy to see them. Personality has a lot to do with it. Just my opinion ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Why this got so many dislikes?

    You sharing the truth about this MLM of a company and they are afraid to be revealed as an MLM

  7. I am sorry you feel that way about the jewelry. We do have simple pieces tons of it. I have been with the company 2 years and I make a profit. In order to make a profit you have to be consistent and you will create your customer base. CONSISTENCY IS KEY in this business.

  8. I came across this video I always check comments first then I continue to watch video. I am sad to read how some people who think by putting comments that she is whining and calling her out her name over some 5 dollar jewelry people omg who is childish itโ€™s soo ridiculous that she is just only giving her story her experience dealing with paparazzi jewelry. Itโ€™s not yours so why you got to be rude stop watching video kid ! Itโ€™s easy . I fell sorry for your experience sorry it didnโ€™t work out for you chica. Lord has you doing other work keep focused people will be harsh stand strong . Money comes and goes but lord doesnโ€™t leave us ever ! Now Iโ€™m a grown up if anyone got a smart remark . I pray so sad the world can be filling with more awful mean people smh ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ

  9. Selling for less than the $5.00 price is against compliance. Even going out of business, you are not to sell for less than $5.00. You aren't even supposed to sell to other consultants for less than $5.00 per item. If you pay tax in your state, you pay tax on the retail price and pass it along to the customers. Some people do not charge tax at live events because it's easier, but they are hurting their own profit margin. You are only as successful as the amount of effort you put in. I do very well as a consultant, and my area has many. We DO have different inventory, and we also do inventory swaps regularly (even trades). It sounds to be like you didn't bother to put in much effort.

  10. I was offered to enter the company but before I took the decision I made the calculations. I am not a mathematics expert and my English is bad. But lets start: "The commission is 45%", which I dont understand. First, assuming I pay the $ 499 for the larger kit, I sell the 200 pieces which would be a total of $ 1000, but I only make a profit of $ 501. Then, second, I want to sell 200 more pieces because I was good selling the first ones, to be able to buy those 200 pieces I have to pay $550 (200 ร— 2.75 = $550). So, I decide to use the money that I gain.. but wait. If my commission is $501 and I need $550 to be able to buy those 200 pieces, then I go in negative to be able to buy the 200 pieces again. $501-$550= -$49… – $49 dollars that I take out of my pocket .. But, I'm going to think that I will make a profit… So! I decide to pay $550 ร— the 200 pieces which will get you 45%, right?!. So, I will sell the 200 pieces which the total is ๐Ÿค‘$1000 dollars, Weee. But, Wait!!๐Ÿ˜ค That leaves me with a profit of $ 450. But, What?? ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธI do not understand. If I want to sell 200 pieces more I will have to take out of my pocket๐Ÿ˜’ $100 more??? Someone can explain to me.

  11. Iโ€™m a independent Consultant with Paparazzi.. anyone wanna join under me to help me build my team.. just email me at! This is a sister hood! I love my business!

  12. Theres other ways to sell paparazzi other than fb lives. Have you tried vending? House parties? I've made 100's of money doing vending and house parties. We do have simple jewelry. Just because it didn't work for you doesn't mean it wont work for others. Another way is to build a team.

  13. My wife has resorted to offering to pay the shipping. I told her it's time to sell this crap at a flea market and leave this scam with the suckers

  14. I've noticed these people popping up everywhere on my Facebook. Here's the thing, you can get the EXACT same jewlery of the exact same quality from both wish and eBay for less than half of the five bucks Paparazzi asks. They will let anyone sign up and in doing so they completely saturate the market for just about every area. Not everyone is going to be successful. It's business 101. It's the same reason you don't see ten McDonald's on the same block lol. Paparazzi gets them to buy a bunch of jewlery they can't sell and it ends up being sold on Facebook or garage sales for literally pennies on the dollar. Yes there are some who will be successful but unfortunately they are the exception and not the norm.

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